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Survarium Player Statistics

As you know, almost a month ago (last year) came officially Survarium API for third-party developers, to whom I am. I began to learn it just 3 days ago and is ready to present to you more or less finished project, through which you can watch your overall statistics and statistics of their matches.
Statistics available at:
Attention! Now the player nickname case sensitive; you must exactly enter your nickname (with a upper letter for example, etc.) to see your the statistics.

Experience points up to level 100!

I fixed service by definition of the remaining count of experience points of the player to reach 100 level in the game!
Thanks to Maxim ”AnaBioZ” Berezin for the table of experience points.

Паблик в соц.сети

Я открыл паблик в соц. сети “Вконтакте”, где буду размещать информацию о своих планах, релизах, интересных вещах и многом другом.
Если сочтёте нужным, вступайте. Буду рад! Ссылка вот: