Survarium Light Launcher

Alternative launcher for the Survarium game, allowing to run the game with certain parameters. Tool “Light launcher” has a simple interface and some useful features.

Current version: v1.9.1.4 from July 8, 2017

How to use?!
1. Upnack the file Survarium_LL.exe in any folder.
2. Run the file Survarium_LL.exe.
3. Select the version you wish to run (No-Steam/Steam)
4. Select the necessary game options and choose the game language.
5. Click the “Play” button.

Launcher features:
– Check for updates for the game.
– Check for new version of the launcher (LL).
– Status of game servers and ping them.
– The ability to run non-Steam or Steam version of the game from a single launcher.
– Possibility of starting the game, if the original launcher does not start/does not work.
– Error-log system. (All launcher errors stored in the file)
– Ability to run the game with some parameters/settings.

Version history

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Tool written on C#. Required .NET Framework 3.5 (SP1)

Download “Survarium Light Launcher” – Downloaded 14878 times – 199 KB