Survarium Light Launcher

Alternative launcher for the Survarium game, allowing to run the game with certain parameters.
Tool “Light launcher” has a simple interface and some useful features.

Current version: v2.0.1.0 from June 13, 2019

How to use?!
1. Upnack the file Survarium_LL.exe in any folder.
2. Run the file Survarium_LL.exe.
3. Select the necessary game options and choose the game language.
4. Click the “Play game” button.

Launcher features:
– Check for updates for the game.
– Check for new version of the launcher (LL).
– Status of game servers and ping them.
– The ability to run non-Steam or Steam version of the game from a single launcher.
– Possibility of starting the game, if the original launcher does not start/does not work.
– Error-log system. (All launcher errors stored in the file)
– Ability to run the game with some parameters/settings.

Version history
v2.0.1.0 from June 13, 2019:
– Fixes the path to original game launcher (notification about new version of the game).

v2.0.0.9 from June 13, 2019:
– Fixes for support 64-bit version of the game.

v2.0.0.4 from June 2, 2018:
– Small fixes and improvements in the launcher.
– Added support for running Steam before launching the Steam version of the game.
– Added support for automatic updating of the launcher.

v2.0.0.3 from May 22, 2018:
– New refreshed version of launcher.

v1.9.1.4 from July 8, 2017:
– Now works some features in the tool (windowed mode, screen resolution, console commands)

v1.9.1.3 from April 15, 2017:
– Deleted option “Reject inputs” (doesn’t work)
– Fixed possible to launch game with new renderer.

v1.9 from September 26, 2016:
– Added an option to run the game with a new renderer.
– Added the ability to auto close launcher after the start of the game.

v1.8 from September 25, 2016:
– Support of the new game version v0.44
– Deleted some features: PC resources usage and Game sessions.
– Fixed issue with running game with new renderer.

v1.7 from July 13, 2016:
– Added option “Developer console”, allows you to use the console in the game.
– Added option “Autologin in the game”, allowing to go directly to the game lobby, bypassing the login form.
– Added ability to clear the history of gaming sessions.
– Added information about the used PC game resources: CPU and RAM.
– Small fixes to localizations.

v1.6 from May 17, 2016:
– Added possible to launch new renderer in Steam-version of the game.
– Fixed bug, which not save the state “on/off” of New renderer.
– Some fixes in English localization of the tool.

v1.5 from May 13, 2016:
– Added support the version of the game: v0.42a

v1.4 from February 29, 2016:
– Added ability to run the game with a new renderer
– Added ability to select the screen resolution and windowed mode.
– Added the ability to use console commands for the game. All commands will be stored in Launcher’s settings. You will not need to enter each time the commands with every restart the game client.
– Changed the minimal value of bandwidth. Now is 16 kbps.
– New “About” window.

v1.3 from January 19, 2016:
– Added some network settings of the game.
– Some changes in the GUI of the tool.
– Server Status is separated into a login / game server.
– Change the IP’s of the game servers.
– Small fixes in localizations.

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Tool written on C#. Required .NET Framework 4.0

Download “Survarium Light Launcher v2.0” – Downloaded 4664 times – 422 KB