Survarium ReplayeR

Tool allows you to download/view replays of your matches.

Current version: v3.9.3.3 from May 12, 2019 ! DOESN’T WORK !

How to use?!
1. Unpack Survarium_R.exe to any folder.
2. Run Survarium_R.exe.
3. Select the needed version of the game.
4. If you have two versions of the game, you must select the log file manually by clicking on button with folder icon.
5. To download or watch the needed match replay you must select the match from the list and click the appropriate button to the right or use the context menu by clicking right mouse button on the selected match.

Tool works when running the game client and it quickly automatically getting a list with your latest played matches.

– Download replays of matches in a couple of mouse clicks (Your own replays and match ID)
– Watching replays of matches in a couple of mouse clicks (via the game client)
– Support of two versions of the game (Steam/NoSteam)
– Tagging matches (Awesome/Good/Bad match, a Match with cheater/teamkiller)
– Automatic detection of matches and save them to the database when running the game client.
– Ability to save your list of matches *.txt/*.html file.
– Simple and intuitive interface.
and more…

Version history
v3.9.3.3 from May 12, 2019
– Changed game patch to launch match replay.
– Fixes in “About” page.

v3.9.3.2 from April 15, 2017
– Changed the path of the game log-file.

v3.9.3.1 from January 30, 2017
– Changed method of launching game client for playing match replay.

v3.9 from September 25, 2016
– Support of the game version v0.44.
– Fixed issue with playing replays via game with new renderer.

v3.8 from July 21, 2016
– Added ability to use developer console while watching replay.

v3.7 from May 13, 2016:
– Added support the game version: v0.42a

v3.6 from February 29, 2016:
– Added possible to view replay using new renderer of the game.
– Changed link to download replay.
– Changed “About” window.

v3.5 from November 7, 2015:
– Some bug-fixes and improvements.

v3.4 from November 7, 2015:
– Added the ability to tag matches. (Awesome/Good/Bad match, a Match with a cheater/teamkiller)
– Added some tool options (scroll match list to latest match, AutoSize columns of match list)
– Added the ability to view replay by match ID (without opening the “View downloaded replays”)
– Now list of matches is filtered for duplicate matches with the same ID.
– Minor bug fixes.
– Small changes and bugfixes in localizations.

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Tool written on C#. Required .NET Framework 3.5 (SP1)

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